My name is Janae and... you guessed it, I am the face behind JanaeLynStudio! I could tell you about my art degree and job history and lay out my portfolio. But really, there are much more important things to tell. Like how I've always liked making stuff: childhood crafts, trifold science project boards, paintings, drawings, logos, stickers, lettering... it has been an evolution. I have a plethora of projects under my belt, but the constant thing in my creative repertoire has been my love of making things to share with others. Using my creativity and love of crafting to share an emotion has been my biggest joy in life -besides my husband, two cats, and sparkling rosé!

I initially opened my Etsy shop to sell my Portland sticker designs. Most of my sales were to family and friends. Then one day I saw my sticker design on a stranger's car going down the highway. This. Was. THRILLING!! I almost sped up to wave at the driver, but I quickly realized that would make me look like an insane person, and -dang it- I was an Etsy professional now! It wasn't until my husband proposed in 2018 that I discovered a new passion: wedding details. I designed a logo and put it on everything! I put our bridal party's names on everything!
These personal touches rounded out our wedding details and made the day feel truly ours. Now I am excited to refocus JanaeLynStudio and bring you custom vinyl decals, custom logos, business branding, and a variety of wedding designs.  

I hope you'll feel free to email me with your projects, or just to say hi!
Can't wait to work with you!