Weddings are my absolute favorite thing. Besides furry animals and pink wine.
The love between two people is magnified by the gathering of support from their family and friends.
The way they look at one another as they promise forever to each other is swoon-worthy.
This is the stuff of fairytales and I go coo coo bananas for it.

The heart and soul of a wedding is that love that everyone gathers to celebrate, and that is what’s most important.
The wedding details are like the pretty bow that ties it all together. Invitations, signs, place cards, bridal jackets… these tie in the wedding theme, the couple’s favorite quotes, the personalized touches.

Janae Lyn Studio is here to help bring those details together to tie together your wedding so you can focus on the important stuff.


I’m up for anything when it comes to wedding projects!
Invitations, thank you cards, wedding logo, signage, jacket painting, menus, place cards… I’ll help bring your vision to life.
Because all my pricing depends on project type and details, I don’t have it on my website.
Shoot me a message with some details and I’d be happy to get you a custom quote.